The Freight Company And You

After resolving your mind on who to hire for freight services, what must follow? You have a lot of things to take care of before you can actually have some peace of mind. To save you from getting possible headaches with the Vehicle Shipping company, keep in mind these important things.

Know whom to call within the company for inquiries and other serious matter. It makes it easier for you to give them a ring and keep a tab on your car. Your shipping company will give you a trace number for your car, don't lose it as you may need it anytime.

Second, it will do well to clarify what should be your gas tank's status. There are shippers who won't ship cars with a full tank. This is due to the fact that these cars are more prone to combustion.

Third, make sure that your car is emptied of all personal effects. Many car carriers do not allow this. It tempts burglars among other things.

Things left inside the vehicle add extra weight to the shipment which has a set limitation. Personal effects are not indemnified by the car carrier should anything happen to it. You cannot blame the shipping company for this.

It would be also wise to disconnect your car alarm. Don't wait for the shipping staff to be bothered by it, it is better to disconnect it before it becomes a nuisance. If possible, you can completely remove the gadget and install it again at a later time.

5. Before leaving your car to the shipper’s representative, make sure you get the Bill of Lading, which shall also contain a page about the existing damages of your car. This gives you the right to get indemnification should something happen to your car. Record your car's every imperfection and defects before you turn it over to the shipping crew.

This document contains all the pertinent details you might need to know. Take care of it because there is no telling when it will come handy. In cases of disputes, you will need this document as proof.

Get your car's appearance on film or photo from all sides and vantage. When it has finally arrived in its destination, carefully examine your car for signs of damage. Check your photos if you must.

You should also refer to your Bill of Lading and see if the mileage is the same as that in the meter reader. Don’t rush and say there are no damages incurred during the transport and release the vehicle shipping company from responsibility right away. You will do both the company and yourself a favor if you refrain from stating in haste that there’s no damage and then coming after the company later.

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