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The sheer number of top movie lists available now already makes possible the existence of a list that actually lists the top "top movie lists" themselves. People love movies, and they want to get an idea of what might be good to view next. Almost all people familiar with the Internet have used various websites offering free movies online.

There is no one who does not appreciate a good movie. Below is a list of top Hollywood movies from the top Top 10 lists. These are just a few of the most unforgettable movies ever made, according to audiences.

A top movie from a list of Top 10 horror films is “The Exorcist” in 1973. "The Exorcist" changed how people imagined ghosts and other supernatural films and monsters. A young, demon-possessed Linda Blair was much scarier and horrific than any other Hollywood demon or ghost ever created, and there were no elaborate special effects or ultra-realistic CG effects back then.

It is said that the scares given to the audience years ago have never truly gone away. Certain parts of the film shall be forever engraved in viewer's memories. The production and direction for "The Exorcist" was a true success in that sense, for being able to produce such striking images.

Titanic, the film that topped box office records for an unheard-of stretch has to be mentioned, of course. This 1997 James Cameron masterpiece has topped several Top 10 lists, but mostly in the category of romantic drama. Another factor for its success might have been the excellent cast for the film.

This film is undoubtedly the best in a long line of films taking up the same subject. Because the film's spotlight was on a couple who were falling in love amidst this historical tragedy, there was a humanized approach about it. This is easily among the most well-received and profitable movies ever made.

One more major film success is in this compilation: "The Lion King". It has been considered the most profitable of all animated productions. This is perhaps what truly launched animated films into the spotlight, with people coming up in droves to see it.

In Sci-Fi, an iconic film would be the famous "War of the Worlds". This is a gripping tale of aliens touching down on Earth and invading it. The more recent film versions are not considered as good, despite their striking imagery.

Another film highly recommended is Forrest Gump. It had very subtle dramatics that circled around the life of a simpleton that had the biggest heart in America. This gem of a movie has captured the hearts of moviegoers the world over, which shows you what the best productions can do even without advanced special effects or overly complex scripts.

When it comes to free movies online, these are must-see items. Movies touch lives like nothing else could. Advances in the Web permit us to see these films even today, when they have long stopped showing in theaters.

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