The Mexican Elections and the Candidate Named Enrique Peña Nieto

The latest darling of Mexico's political scene is the handsome Enrique Peña Nieto. He is the man who most Mexicans believe will be their next President. His opponents are worried that if the elections were held today, he would definitely win.

Nieto has been getting steadily more and more popular for a while now. One of his specialtiies is the art of public speaking, which obviously helps his cause. He is said to be a most magnetic politician, with the ability to pull in voters as well as admirers.

Televisa is often named as a conspirator in Nieto's seemingly unassailable popularity. He reportedly paid the mass media giant large sums of money over the last five years to advertise the accomplishments of his previous administration in the state of Mexico. It is said that this is why the media giant keeps advertising the highlights of the politician's career.

It is worth noting that people only began talking about this supposed deal following Nieto's admission of a relationship with Ms. Rivera of Televisa. Rivera is famous in her own right, perhaps even more popular than Nieto in a sense, given how many times her face has shown up in various soap operas with a cult following. He was married to Rivera three years after the death of his first wife, Monica Pretelini.

He and his first wife have three kids. Pretelini expired of a cardiac complication when Nieto was still the governor of the State of Mexico. This made Nieto one of the most popular single Mexicans in the country.

This popularity with the ladies makes up only a portion of his repute. He has also gained attention for having gone around his former area of authority to find out what the locals needed and for working hard to resolve the demands. His work has been primarily concerned with infrastructure development.

When the promised public works were constructed, Nieto's campaign managers organized huge parties and gatherings for their (and Nieto's) promotion. This is perhaps one big reason for the man's reputation as a politician who actually keeps campaign promises. Nonetheless, some claim that Nieto has spent more on organizing the social events promoting his achievements than on keeping the promises themselves.

His critics managed to get other fodder for their remarks about him when he made a few gaffes at the Guadalajara Book Fair. Nieto was unable to state the titles and writers of tomes that he claimed were the ones he liked best. He admitted having a difficult time remembering the titles of books and that he focuses more on reading the content than memorizing its authors and titles.

The errors he made, though, set off a wave of critique over various channels. It was made worse when one of his offspring, understandably upset about others' ridicule of her father, ended up saying something less than diplomatic about her father's opponents. Nieto made a handsome admission and apology on behalf of his daughter, but the ridicule remained.

It is Enrique Peña Nieto himself who alleges that those who criticize him often do so for words that are not taken in the proper context. That having been said, Nieto's bid for the presidential seat is still strong. Surveys and polls are indicating that he may well be the next Mexican president.

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