Facts About Crescent Processing Company Complaints

It is unavoidable to hear some negative side regarding a business especially if its policies have been misunderstood. This is what has exactly happened to the Crescent Company. Thus it is easy to assume that they have been taken disadvantage of, even if they are not.

Every person that signs up as a sales representative for Crescent will receive a free Dell laptop. This computer acts as presentation model for clients who'd like to do business with the Crescent company. It comes with a built in application that logs their transaction with promising business contacts.

It also allows for faster processing of transactions that have pushed through. It is not a secret that a 0 guarantee should be paid by the salesperson to the company. It is true that there is a 0 fee before the laptop is released to each agent, however, it is not for the device itself.

These marketers are required to use the provided laptop and use the built in application even if they already have another computer. It is a form of assurance that the laptop will be utilized fully and responsibly the marketer. This amount will be deducted on the first few sales that the sales agent earns.

Yet, some still allege that it is to pay for the Dell device. To repeat, it is a surety bond that the laptop will be used accordingly. This bond is repaid to the agent who has chosen to stop representing the company.

Another issue that is clouded in controversy is the use of leads in marketing the company. Basically, they should be able to meet with these people. Crescent has made arrangements with these leads to have a face to face with the salesperson holding that copy.

Former agents complained that these interested people in the files turned out to be quite uninterested. These people might have the wrong notion that if they drop by the office of the businessman that they are supposed to contact, the client would say yes right away. Of course, a bad presentation can result to the client to reject the proposal for that matter.

This is an uncommon favor done by Crescent to their agents. Other marketers don't have this advantage in this field. Where else can you find another company with a regard for their salesperson's time and efforts?

Additionally they are accused of suppressing the flow of assets from the merchant. In order to prevent fraud, the company uses a meticulous system of checks to ensure protection of the cardholder and the business. This is done through a verification process that can take quite some time.

Obviously, the Crescent Processing Company complaints mentioned above are the result of misunderstandings of the policies and protocol of the company. As we can see now, narrow-mindedness and suspiciousness can lead to baseless complaints. Thus, it is not always to assume that what we hear is the solid truth.

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