The Need for Water Tanks and Clean Water

Because many families cannot access safe water, they are at risk of getting disease that is linked to contaminated water. Far too many rural areas do not have any access to plumbing, clean water and sanitation. Water is a precious resource but unfortunately many people remain uneducated about water management.

In Bangladesh, about half of the country’s 12 million tube wells are found to contain harmful levels of arsenic, simply because the tubes were not dug deep enough, at least 100 meters deep. The government of that country has cried ignorance, but the fact is that they did not serve their citizens during installations. Nobody knows exactly how many people were poisoned as a result of this.

The poisoning may have not been lethal but surely physical injuries have been inflicted. Arsenic poisoning is a threat all over the world, and mostly due to contaminated water sources. Across 70 countries, some 140 million people have been affected.

These numbers alone prove the necessity of checking the world’s water sources in order to prevent senseless injuries and even deaths. The governments need to check all pipes, plumbing and reservoirs often. In developing countries, millions have been spent on related water projects.

Even though there haven't been any reported deaths in Bangladesh, the government needs to act now to make sure this doesn't happen. It has been reported that Bangladesh has received international money to improve the situation. Sadly, it appears the government has not yet taken action.

More severe cases have been reported in other parts of the world. Many children under 5 have died in developing countries because of water related sicknesses. In fact, 90% of water-related diarrhea deaths occur in children who are malnourished, as they are too weak to resist infection.

Statistics suggest that 769 000 children below the age of 5 died from diarrhea in Africa between 2000 and 2003. A huge number of these deaths could have been prevented by building just one clean water tank in any of the affected areas. In comparison, 700 children below 5 died of diarrheal disease during this timeframe.

If clean water supplies are introduced, these figures will drop by up to 25%. Developed nations have got the process of water treatment and storage correct, and have seen a 39& reduction in diarrhea cases. The ideal is that all countries follow this example.

Global studies have revealed that sewage is the leading cause of water contamination, which leads to the ingestion of human fecal parasites. This news is definitely hard to swallow. The figures speak for themselves - in 2006, 1.1 billion people did not have healthy water, and 1.8 billion died from water-related sickness.

Improving clean water access can help to prevent deaths. It is easy to prevent millions of deaths - all that needs to be done is to install cheap Water Tanks, filters and purifiers. Saving lives is easy - all a community needs is an efficient water system.

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