Helping Out: Daniel Chavez Moran

What does a man do after developing five-star hotels, tourism facilities, summer resorts golf courses, and luxury vacation spots? You can change the world one small step after another one day at a time. When it comes to such an idea, Daniel Chavez Moran capitalized on it.

Aiming to promulgate Latin influences and social sciences, Daniel Jesus Chavez Moran came up with the idea to start his very own foundation and he came up with the name Grupo Vidanta. Finding a way to help people who are constantly exposed to poverty and inequality is the goal of the foundation and they are intent on helping people whether they are of Latin descent or not. Daniel Chavez Moran owns a development company by the name of Grupo Vidanta and they are in charge of several vacation spots and the Mexican international airport.

The company is Mexico’s leading tourist destination developer with 20 resorts and more than 10,000 employees. The charitable side of the business, the foundation, was formed several years ago. Their goodwill department started out with the name Grupo Mayan.

In Latin America and similar parts of the world, social hardships reign and this is why the foundation operated by Roberto Russell and a number of young and devoted workers are trying to make an effort when it comes to educating the people in these areas. Part of the education that they give to others includes political, economic, and social elements. Here, the foundation is trying to make the locals see what contributes to their situation of poverty.

Establishing a great community relationship with Latin American countries is what Grupo Vidanta wants to achieve. The foundation wants the world to see how different Latin American nations, from Argentina to Mexico, can contribute to the resolution of these particular social conundrums that their people are facing on a daily basis. Thanks to the help of other countries, Haiti is now in the stage of rebuilding their fallen cities and this kind of support system is what the foundation is concentrating on.

Basically, Grupo Vidanta wants Latin America to be assimilated with other countries, plain and simple. Aside from their amazing culture, there are plenty of things that Latin America can offer. Latin American countries and people are some of the friendliest, outgoing, religious, festive and fun-loving people in the world, and the rest of the globe can learn from that.

There is another thing that the foundation would like to achieve and that is to promulgate democracy. It actively initiates activities that are focused on fighting poverty and inequality. Achieving economic and social development in all Latin American regions is the primary focus of Grupo Vidanta.

Circulating books and scholarly research is something that the group is working on as of the moment. The titles focus on policies that strengthen the democracy and promote economic growth in the region. Aside from Entre la FrustraciĆ³n y la Esperanza, Balance del Siglo has already been circulated in a number of Latin American regions.

Aside from educators, the foundation is also working to get the attention of economists and politicians all over the world. It is sustainable economic growth that is mainly discussed when it comes to the group's conferences and dialogues. Other projects that serve to contradict poverty and inequality are also supported by the Grupo Vidanta foundation.

When it comes to social issues, there are plenty of achievements under the belt of the foundation and to think that they have only been in existence for 6 years. Grupo Vidanta will not stop until there is no more oppression. Daniel Chavez Moran's qualities, perceptions, and ideas are all shown through the workings of the Grupo Vidanta foundation.

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