Would I Benefit From YouTube Marketing?

Almost everyone in the world has used YouTube. Everyone goes to YouTube to check out a TV episode missed, a video guide on how to cook a favorite dish, or just get laughs from one of the many funny viral videos saturating the worldwide web. It was only a matter of time before marketing teams started to exploit the massive popularity of this site.

Market analysts have had to adapt their strategies to really make a success on the Internet. If your Internet marketing service is cheap, effective, and has broad spectrum appeal, you are on the right track. The marketing principle of exposure is crucial here, as you are moving away from a tiny TV audience and confronting millions of YouTube users.

A second benefit of YouTube marketing is the amount of exposure you get. You need to expand your horizons, and instead of thinking in terms of a key demographic sitting at home watching your ad, imagine a huge audience of millions who you could reach. The possibilities are limitless.

Just how many people around the world visit YouTube? It is estimated that approximately 60 million people a month access the site. That’s a huge market; so huge the thought of it was impossible just a few years ago.

Numbers like this are sign of how popular YouTube has become. In terms of monthly usage, only Google and Facebook have better numbers than YouTube. These days, it has gotten even more popular and accessible since cell phones and smart phones can now easily access the Internet to watch their favorite YouTube video.

If you really want you product to get noticed, you need to create a viral video campaign. The term viral video is now viral and not many people even now that it came from the word “virus”. A virus, when it attacks someone, is unstoppable, and this is what viral advertising hopes to achieve – to infect the world without the world even knowing it.

A truly viral video is one that spreads so fast that it begins to self-replicate. Videos of all kinds can get spread with tremendous speed, receiving millions of hits before the creator can even blink. The idea is to be noticed and get passed around by as many viewers as possible, without stopping.

Marketing with this kind of foundation is not restricted to the Internet. Viral marketing is an extension of the simple word-of-mouth principle. If something is awesome, you automatically tell your friends, and that is how this strategy works.

Much like in word-of-mouth marketing, there is no clear-cut, cookie-cutter indication to say which video will go viral. Some of the biggest viral videos are the silliest ones. Some, on the other, hand are extremely informative and appealing.

Forecasting a video explosion is impossible. While YouTube tips are popular with some, they cannot forecast true viral capability. But the truth is quite obvious that YouTube marketing and ad placement get a ton of exposure every day and around the world.

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