Testing for Mold - All The Options

Mold can be a serious concern. The problem with mold is that it can have serious health repercussions for you and your family. Testing for mold is one thing you can do at home on a regular basis to avoid too much build-up of these microscopic fungi.

Mold can cause all kinds of respiratory discomforts. If you or any of your family members suddenly feel like sneezing for no apparent reason, chances are your home is filled with airborne molds. Additional symptoms are coughing, breathing problems, eye problems and rashes.

Mold testing primarily involves testing the quality of air inside your home or in particular areas. Professional mold testers have enough experience to conduct these sensitive tests. Don’t be shocked if there is mold in your air - not all molds are dangerous.

While some mold types are harmless to your health, there’s no saying when they will spawn their toxic cousins. Toxic mold produces mycotoxins, which are extremely dangerous to your health. The ominous name of these little spores is indicative of their power - they have been known to lead to serious neurological death and, in extreme cases, death.

If the level of mold has become worse than normal, a mold inspection could become necessary. Such an inspection is based on a thorough search of your home, consisting of visual inspections carried out by experts. With the help of specialized tools, the aim is to photograph and diagnose the infestation, send off samples to a lab for testing, and then to eradicate the problem.

However, these inspections come at quite a heavy cost, which is often a deterrent, particularly for those on a budget. Because of the considerable cost, you will need to research other options before undergoing a full inspection You can save money and still get rid of your mold infestation of you go about the process in the right way.

Start by educating yourself about mold in general. Even though mold can live outside, it prefers places that are humid and moist with little light. The logical move is to simply stop leaks before they can lead to growth.

Because they are small and dark, storage areas are also a good habitat for mold. If you keep your home clean and clear you should be able to avoid mold. It is also good to keep your rooms well lighted and well ventilated as much as possible.

Preventing mold is simple when your home is neat and open. In nature, mold is found on dead or decaying matter, so throw away the “dead and decaying” from your home. You can check for the presence of mold with a few simple home tests.

Finally, keep in mind that in a war, knowing your enemy is winning half of the battle. When you know everything about the nature of mold, you will be able to control it. If you make use of this advice you are more likely to keep your home free of toxic mold.

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